Cost = £7.50 per session pay-as-you-go (£4.50 for TeenZone), or join on a monthly membership and get unlimited classes included.  See our Prices page HERE

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BALANCED – Balance your body and mind with Yoga and Pilates inspired moves, used to stretch and sculpt you whole body.  A great intro if you’re new to these type of relaxation and toning type of classes.  Leave feeling centred, calm and balanced.

BARRE is a hybrid workout combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, Yoga and strength training.  Using specialist balance bars, Barre classes fuse gentle dance moves with static stretches.  Very suitable for beginners and advanced alike.

BOXERCISE is a class based on the easier training concepts boxers use to keep fit.  We use a variety of formats, such as shadow boxing, gentle skipping, hitting pads (pad work) and punching hanging bags (bag work).  Participants are also paired up for some activities, and we also throw in a great all over body workout too.  Although this class will get you moving and puffing, it’s still suitable for all levels and abilities, including beginners.

CIRCUIT TRAINING is a combination of 6 or more exercises performed at ‘stations’ with short rest periods, for either a set number of repetitions or fixed periods of time.  Each class participant completes their station exercise, then after a short rest moves on to the next station, and so on.  It is a great all over workout resulting in better fitness and improved muscle tone.  As with most of our classes, all levels welcome – including beginners.

DANCE BLAST is a 30-minute cardio dance session, which will get your blood pumping and burn a good few calories too!   It’s a short and sweet ‘rocking’ class.  So come and dance yourself fit to a variety of different easy-to-follow dance styles with Charlene.  It’s only 30 minutes… go for it.

DANCE-MANIA, our own upbeat and exciting aerobic class.  Great for all ages, from 13 upwards.  Beginners and those with 2 left feet especially welcome.   We’ve blended all your favourite dance moves from the 1940’s to modern day and put them into a sizzling 45 minutes of great music and great fun.  Come and have a giggle and a wiggle!

FITCLUB is great for everyone and perfect for beginners of all ages.  A gentle session of around 50 minutes of aerobics.  This class covers levels from beginner/out of shape, to intermediate.  It’s not too strenuous or advanced and is a great way to make new friends.  It’s especially good if you’re a bit nervous about trying a class, or are out of shape and want to begin your road to fitness.  The age range in this session varies and a few participants are well into retirement.

FITNESS YOGA is a variation on the Yoga theme, which combines gentle aerobic (heart/lungs) and anaerobic (muscle tone) movements.  The exercises are linked together in a flowing series of poses that create strength, flexibility, endurance and balance.  Suitable for all ages and abilities, including beginners.

KETTLERCISE – Swing and pump your way to fitness with our full body Kettlebell workout that tones muscles and burns lots of calories.  All abilities and beginners welcome.

PHEWSION-45 is a forty five minute fusion of 3 types of exercise routine, split into 3 x 15 minute segments:  Segment 1 – Cardio work (heart & lung).  Segment 2 – Weights (using barbells, dumbbells etc).  Segment 3 –  Core training (abs, hips, bum and lower back).  Suitable for all ages and abilities, beginners very welcome.

PILATES is a method of gentle exercise consisting of low impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements.  It emphasis proper postural alignment, core strength and balance.  All levels and abilities welcome.

PUMP & TONE is our fabulous weights-based class to music.  Using barbells and aerobic steps etc, this class will build your strength, stamina and cardio (heart & lung) fitness.  It’s a great all-over workout resulting in improved muscle tone and fitness.

STUDIO CYCLE is a non-impact indoor static bike class performed to some great pumping tunes.  We have our own dedicated spin studio with mood lighting and air-conditioning.  These classes will even work your upper body and give you a great metabolic boost.  All levels and abilities welcome.

SUNDAY-CIRCUITS is a combination of movements and exercises which include some easy boxing techniques (we supply the gloves or you can bring your own – and we do sell them too) plus HIIT training, muscle strengthening work and abdominal toning.  It is a great all over workout for everyone – young and old, men and women, fit or unfit, beginner or advanced – resulting in better fitness levels and improved muscle tone.

STEP & LIFT is a combination of exercises performed using an aerobic step and a weighted bar to target and tone all over the body.  All levels and abilities welcome.  Just let the instructor know it’s your first time or you’re a bit unfit and your exercises will be adjusted accordingly.  Have fun and see you soon…

TeenZone is an instructor-led 90 minute gym and sports session for 13 – 16 year-olds.   Teens get a great fun workout, whilst being instructed in the safe and effective use of gym and sports equipment.    NOTE: Parent/Guardian you will need to counter sign your child’s joining form when they first come in and then they can attend these sessions on their own (our instructor, Josh, instructs the group – maximum of 12 attendees per session)

YOGA PLUS is a great blend of Yoga and holistic relaxation and breathing techniques designed to improve flexibility, strength, toning and sleep patterns, plus so much more…   Suitable for all levels and abilities.

YOGALATES is a simple and gentle combination of Yoga and Pilates.  Suitable for all abilities – beginners very welcome.

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